How to keep your dog healthy

How to keep your dog healthy

After a warm, carefree summer comes fall and everything connected to it. Halloween, pumpkins, and cozy knits but also rain and darker days. Because of the colder climate and stormier circumstances, some problems might appear in your dog's life. Here are some tips and tricks on common conditions as well as how you prevent them. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

A common condition among water-loving breeds is water tail, also known as frozen tail. It is not exactly pinpointed what causes the condition but it is believed that it is an inflammation in the nerves around the root of the tail after being too cold for too long. 

Symptoms are that your dog's tail is hanging straight down, almost paralyzed. They usually feel pain in the tail and avoid sitting down or touching it. Females may have difficulties peeing since they can't raise their tail properly. 

Usually, no medication is needed and the condition heals after a couple of days. If your dog is in a lot of pain contact your veterinarian and they might prescribe pain killers.  

Prevent water tail by drying your dog thoroughly after a cold swim or a long rainy walk. Also, keep it dry and warm, a warm coat might be an option if needed.

Damp paws - during this wet and cold season, your dog's paws tend to get damp after almost every walk. It is very important to dry the paws and in between the pads to keep them healthy. A damp environment helps yeast fungus and bacterial infections to grow so dry them off thoroughly with a clean terry towel after every walk!

Well trimmed - dogs with a long fur coat need their paw hair trimmed regularly. Even more during fall and winter since dirk and snow can create lumps in the fur making it difficult for your pup to walk. So trim it down and keep it clean. This is not needed for dogs with short fur.

Colder temperatures can make it more energy-draining and difficult for your dog to move and walk around. Remember to let them warm up and rest plenty between activities and walks. So it is not a bad idea to let them curl up beside you on the couch for some extra cuddles!

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